Four good reasons to do the car overhaul at the dealership

"As preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance, it is much cheaper to get the car running than to tow it"
Look, every day we receive a lot of emails asking what is the best place to take the car for review: at the dealership or outside? As I value quality, warranty and, especially, the pocket, I always recommend the dealership. And I have four good reasons for that!
First, when you take your car to the dealership, you are sure that the parts will be replaced with original ones. No piece produced in the backyard; or those imported, but counterfeit, that will not have the same durability and can still give you a huge loss.
In addition, the mechanic who will perform the service knows your car very well, as it has been trained by the factory. He is not an adventurer, who will learn to use his car as a guinea pig.
Secondly, you may not know it, but when there is a software update that will make your car more efficient, safer and more economical, when taking the car for review at the dealership, this service is also performed; sometimes even for free. This is because the factory engineers only pass on this update, of course, to the dealership's workshop.
The third reason is also advice, see? Do not let your car be taken for scheduled maintenance at the dealership, under warranty or outside it, especially the latter. Because the car may look like everything is in order, but there is a natural wear on the parts.
And, since preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance, it is much cheaper to take the car running than towed, isn't it? And, many times, workshops outside the dealership are unable to detect what really needs to be done.
Finally, when you go to sell your used car, no matter how good it is, isn't a car with all the revisions made at the dealership much more valued by buyers? After all, it is a guarantee that everything is in order, according to the manufacturer's standards.