BMW quickly enters a turn, stopped from the side of the road

Mustang drivers are usually responsible for such nonsense, but BMW executives also know how to do such things.

As in countless previous cases, the cause of the accident was a gathering of car lovers.
In reality, drivers who can not restrain themselves are regularly to blame for the problems, and if you add to this the lack of experience, nervousness and great power of the car, it becomes clear why such rallies regularly end in traffic accidents.
And often even when the meeting is over. So it was in this case when the participants left the event. After the McLaren 570S and Nissan GT-R left with good acceleration, a BMW M3 rushed.
Undoubtedly the BMW driver wanted to leave the gathering in style, performing a maneuver that will be remembered.
In a way, he succeeded because his attempt to cross the turn ended on the side of the road. BMW hit the side of the road, and only thanks to its low speed did it finish better.
The consequences of the accident are difficult to assess, but it is quite certain that at least two wheels were severely damaged. Like the pride of the driver.

BMW M3 loses it and smacks curb leaving San Jose Car meet from r/IdiotsInCars