Mercedes-Benz G-Class Guard 2011

Mercedes-Benz G-Guard
Mercedes-Benz offers the world’s widest range of factory special protection vehicles. The range consisting of E-Guard, S-Guard and G-Guard contains personalized protection according to European standards.

A high level of protection is provided by armor made from state-of-the-art materials, such as glass / plastic composites and special high-strength steel in combination with plastic elements. 
All protective elements are included in the body phase during a separate and independent production process.The Mercedes-Benz G-Class is also available in a special protective version. The G 500 Guard can be supplied with VR6 or VR7 protection level. It is powered by a 5.5-liter V8 engine with 285 kW (388 hp) and a 7-speed automatic Touchshift transmission.

Factory integrated special protection for complete safety
All special protection vehicles from Mercedes-Benz follow the principle of integrated special protection. In fact this means that, instead of rebuilding the protective elements on the doors, rear wall, side panels, roof lining and firewall etc. of an already completed vehicle, they fully integrate them into the body in one process dedicated production. This effectively creates an armored coat around the entire passenger cell. Roof frame supports, door locks, door gaps, exterior mirror mounts and other components are also included in this safety concept.
Only the integrated protection concept allows highly effective detailed solutions of this kind and enables Mercedes-Benz Guard models to offer such complete protection. Specialists take care that any potentially weak stain is fully protected: in the gaps in the body, in the doors or in the connections between the metal and glass parts, an ingenious system, superimposed, prevents the shells from penetrating inside. Mercedes-Benz Guard vehicles therefore provide their passengers with perfect all-round protection. Higher Protection or Higher Protection combines with the core build quality of Mercedes-Benz, even in those areas where post-production access would be impossible.
Another advantage of integrated special protection is that protective features actually strengthen the body structure instead of exerting additional strain. Moreover, Mercedes-Benz’s integrated design approach means that any reinforcement of the body structure required due to the weight of the protective elements can be integrated from the outset. These reinforcements include suspension mounts or stronger door hinges and window frames, for example. Window frames support special side windows lined on the inside with a strong polycarbonate coating, while hinges should support doors whose weight has increased to over 150 kg due to their special protection features. Despite this extra weight, the hinges function smoothly and reliably throughout the life of the machine. The result is exceptional longevity and the same exceptional quality wherever it differs from standard Mercedes-Benz production models.

All Mercedes-Benz Guard models display the same exceptional ride comfort and effortless superior handling as their production counterparts in the series. Moreover, the components and brakes of generous dimensions ensure that their handling qualities are almost at the same level as those of standard production models, thus giving the driver an optimal driving sense with high dynamic reserves at all times. The chassis is also designed to ensure driving comfort in Mercedes despite the extra weight.
Thanks to the perfect integration of special protection features, the paint quality and corrosion protection also comply with the high standards of conventional Mercedes-Benz passenger cars. And needless to say, all Guard models can be serviced at any Mercedes-Benz workshop anywhere in the world, and come with a full warranty cap.
Combination of high-tech materials
For a high level of protection, Mercedes-Benz Guard vehicle passenger cells are coated with armor made of high-tech materials, such as glass / plastic combinations, special high-strength steel or special compounds steel and plastic Me.Mercedes engineers use special high-alloy steels and are constantly researching new materials to determine the optimal degree of protection for each particular level of resistance. They do this in an indoor shooting range equipped with a laser measuring system. This commitment to explore the potential of new materials and technologies has made the Mercedes-Benz ferry number one in the field of special protection vehicle development — a position it has held for decades. The purpose of the experts is to reconcile the highest degree of protection with the lowest possible weight.

Armatures that are invisible from the outside
From the outside, there is hardly any difference between a Mercedes-Benz Guard saloon and its standard production counterpart. This is because, when it comes to special protection, discretion is as essential as trust, reliability and quality. State men, diplomats, and senior business figures around the world value being able to travel secretly in vehicles that do not immediately betray their special status. But even those clients who are less in the public eye understand that discretion is the best form of protection. And because the protective elements in Mercedes-Benz Guard models are already integrated into the body, they not only provide extremely effective protection, they are also obscure in everyday life. No one sees the strong essence that lies within.