How often change car Air filter ?

Usually, car manufacturers in the manuals indicate when to change the air filter. But not so simple. If you live in climatic conditions with a high content of dust. It should be replaced 2-3 times more often.

In order for the car to operate efficiently, it was of maximum power, it is necessary to perform periodic maintenance. During this procedure, several operations are performed. One of them is replacing the air filter. These are important details, which directly determine the power of the car, as well as the amount of fuel it consumes.
For machine systems to work like a Swiss watch, you need to know how often the engine air filter is changed. This process can be done independently. This will save you when visiting a specialized center.

The purpose of the air filter:
To understand how often the engine air filter is changed, it is first necessary to know the purpose of this part. This item is available on any machine model. Prevents dust, dirt, and roads from entering the engine combustion chamber. If there is no filter, the foreign particles will fall into the motor that may interfere with its operation.

During the combustion of fuel-consuming oxygen (because without it, this process is impossible). The engine consumes 12-15 cubic meters of air per 100 km of running. Therefore, monitoring the candidate's status is extremely important. Over time, the dust inside it becomes clogged. The motor cannot run at full capacity. Use more fuel than the new filter.
Also, the air filter performs along with the listed functions muffler function. In gasoline engines, the heating temperature of the fuel is also regulated.

The main types of filters:

When asked how often the engine air filter is changed, the types of this part should also be taken into account. In total there are three types. Under the hood, find the filter easily. At the top of the engine (sometimes on the side) is this component. It looks like a dark plastic case.

There are cylindrical, frameless, or plate filters. Due to the specific characteristics of the operation of this element, each manufacturer chooses a specific item. The most common materials from which these parts are made are cardboard. But in many countries, it is preferred to use synthetic fiber materials. Manufacturers must indicate the frequency with which it is necessary to replace these elements.


And given how often the engine air filter is changed in the car, it must be said that there are several classifications of these parts. To choose the right or correct type, you must choose the right option for a specific vehicle.

Filters differ in shape. It can be flat, square, round, etc. Direct flux, inertial oil, and cyclone can also be distinguished by the method of filtering procedure. Depending on the operating conditions, there may be heavy or regular cleaners. Filters also differ in the level of deterrence. They are single or multi-stage.

This diversity is due to the continuous development of technology in the field of extending vehicle performance. There are constantly new perspectives on the problem of ensuring high-quality air purification. But older car models work with those versions of filters that the manufacturer developed during the car's launch period.

Replacement factors:

When considering how often you need to change the engine air filter, you should consider the factors that affect it. In some cases, the cleaning agents are clogged faster than specified by the manufacturer in the instruction manual. This may be due to severe engine operating conditions.

In the summer season, the dust rises from the road more. If the car is snowing, the air filter clogged is much slower. Also, in addition to the dirt from the external environment, the engine oil can reach the cleaner. This also makes it necessary to replace this motor component.

If the engine is new, it operates in relatively clean conditions and should be replaced much less frequently. For cars with high mileage on dirt roads, this process must be done more often.

Signs of need for replacement:

If the car owner does not pay attention to the recommendations for how to change the engine's air filter, the engine will show signs of an engine failure over time. This should not be allowed.

Above all, the driver may notice an increase in the consumption of the combustible mixture. When the filter becomes dirty, the fuel inside the engine begins to fertilize, which leads to insufficient engine power. In order for it to be fully combusted, it needs sufficient air.

The next sign is the appearance of a large amount of carbon dioxide in the exhaust mass. If at the same time there is a decrease in engine power, then it is time to conduct an immediate inspection. If, after such signals appear, the owner of the vehicle does not take any action to serve the filter elements, he will soon have to change the engine.

Damage to the old filter:

Experienced craftsmen give advice on how often to change the engine air filter. Expert recommendations indicate the need to use this item for once. Even if the driver expels the detergent, it does not guarantee its effectiveness. Even the external light filter, which the car owner receives after washing the material, is still not usable.

The remaining particles in the structure of this device negatively affect the electronic control system of air supply inside the combustion chamber. In this case, the flow meter suffers first. He will have to change soon.
The recycled filter damages the internal combustion chamber. Microscopic scratches appear on presses and lining walls. Then they become cracks. Over time, this could damage the entire engine.Do I want to exchange the cabin filter (pollen) when replacing the engine air filter? this is often not necessary, but if the engine air cleaner is dirty, the cabin filter is probably going to be within the same condition.

How to change the filter?

Considering the question of how often you can change the engine air filter, it should be said about performing this operation. If necessary, you should contact the technical service. To save money, it is possible to carry out all actions with their own hands. There are no difficulties with this.

It is necessary to open the hood. The filter is usually made of dark plastic. It is located at the top or side of the engine. The cleaner body maintains several metal clips. Using a screwdriver to open it. The filter is easily removed from the housing. In some cases, it is fixed with screws. In this case, they are simply decoded.
The filter material is usually bright so that drivers can independently assess the degree of contamination. By looking at the cleaner in the light, you can easily determine the need for replacement.

Expert advice:

Experienced car enthusiasts are ready to advise on how to change the engine air filter frequently. They recommend that this procedure be combined with a motor oil replacement. As a rule, this happens once every 10-15 kilometers. At the same time, it will be possible to service the entire engine, to ensure its reliable operation.

In order for the procedure to pass quickly, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer's instructions in advance, to understand the structure of the engine. Obtaining the air filter is necessary according to your vehicle brand. It can be offered for sale and more modern devices. But before purchasing it, it is necessary to determine whether these filters are suitable for a specific engine model system.