Lincoln and Rivian are backing down to develop a luxury SUV

The Lincoln luxury carmaker, a subsidiary of yank Ford Group, and emerging electric vehicle maker Rivian decided to drop. They decide to develop a luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV). That's branded Lincoln and relies on the Rivian chassis.

The Motor Trend website, which focuses on automotive topics, acknowledged. That the 2 companies' retreat from the plan announced in January represents an enormous surprise in light of the strong and wide relations between Ford and Rivian, which relations seem to be unaffected by this step.

The initial plan included Lincoln's use of the essential structure of the electric car developed by Rivian, which could are considered a base for the "Hot Wheels" children's toy car. Because it might be wont to install any components from wheels, gearbox, batteries, or any car body. Whether it had been from Lincoln or from Rivian.

It is noteworthy that the economic model of Rivian company depends on the idea of selling. This structure and its basic design to varied car manufacturers to use in developing electric cars bearing. The trademark of those companies.

Rivian also has big plans to develop electric cars in cooperation with other companies like the American giant e-commerce company Amazon.

At an equivalent time, Lincoln doesn't abandon its plans to develop electric cars within the near term. Because it will depend upon its capabilities to develop. The electrical vehicle "SUV", which was to believe the Rivian chassis within the beginning.