How to draw Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 2021 - Step by Step

Today we will teach you how to draw the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 2021 car step by step.We will first tell you a little about the car. The new Bentayga Hybrid* brings endless serenity and sustainable mobility to the powerful Bentayga range. Created in an entirely carbon-neutral workshop, this ias the most progressive and advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) to bear the Bentley badge.

This extraordinary SUV enhances the distinctive character of the new Bentayga with progressive new technology to create a drive that is truly without compromise – on performance, luxury or efficiency. Welcome to the future of Bentley.

*Bentayga Hybrid is currently available to order in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico and China.

The new Bentayga Hybrid has a number of exclusive Connected Car features that add control and confidence to your journey, even when you’re away from your car.

These safe, smart and convenient features include the My Battery Charge tool, which allows you to intelligently manage and schedule charging via the My Bentley app, letting you input your time of departure so that the highest level of charge can be achieved before you need it. Meanwhile, the E-Charging service enables you to search and discover charging stations near you, with the option of setting one as your navigational destination should you need it.

The new Bentayga Hybrid is a luxury SUV made to excel in the city just as it commands the open road. Powered by an innovative electric motor and 3.0 litre V6 combustion engine, it offers a unique drive that’s defined by unprecedented levels of serenity and composure, along with the impressive power and performance you would expect from a Bentley grand tourer.

Max Speed
158 MPH
0 - 60 mph
5.2 S
Max Power
443 BHP
Max Torque
700 NM
The advanced E Motor and V6 engine work in perfect harmony to ensure that phenomenal power, speed and efficiency can always be enjoyed – whether you’re exploring the open road or staying closer to home. This dynamic partnership means that the new Bentayga Hybrid can intelligently choose the most appropriate power source in response to the demands of your journey. In doing so, every opportunity to rely solely on the electric motor is capitalised on, ensuring that you create minimal emissions on every drive. It also helps to reduce your dependency ¬on fuel, and the frequency of you needing to top up. Working together, this empowering partnership between motor and engine enables the new Bentayga Hybrid to achieve a truly engrossing driving experience that is instantly recognisable as that of a Bentley. This impressive SUV is capable of reaching 0 to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds, while the combined torque reaches an impressive 700 Nm, allowing it to surge on to a top speed of 158 mph (254 km/h).

The new Bentayga Hybrid’s incredible power, inspiring capabilities and innovative technologies come together to create a vehicle that can conquer any environment, enhanced by three electric drive modes that ensure the most serene, sustainable and responsive experience.

The all-electric EV Drive mode is optimised for short journeys and city driving, offering a highly practical range of 863 km*^, while Hold mode is designed to preserve battery charge should you wish to save it for a future journey beyond the reach of a charging station. Meanwhile, Hybrid mode lets you maximise sustainability on even the longest of adventures by working with the Intelligent Navigation system to prioritise use of the E Motor wherever possible. On journeys that take you further afield, it intelligently supplements it with the V6 engine – resulting in the lowest possible emissions on every drive, with no compromise on range.

Wherever you’re heading, the new Bentayga Hybrid automatically starts in EV Drive mode, meaning every journey begins whisper quiet and with zero emissions, creating a completely immersive and peaceful environment in which to travel from the very first moment.

The immense power available across all three modes ensures a responsive drive whatever the environment, with the accelerator pedal offering haptic feedback to the driver to let them know exactly when the V6 combustion engine is employed – offering new levels of control over the car and your journey.

As Bentley looks to the future, the new Bentayga Hybrid takes you there. Thanks to its low CO2 emissions of 78*^g/km, this extraordinary SUV will meet the criteria of even the most stringent emission restrictions, opening up the city with an electrifying performance. When in EV Drive mode, you can even eliminate emissions entirely.

To celebrate the launch of the new Bentayga Hybrid, an exclusive First Edition will be available for a limited time from launch.

This model bears a number of enviable features, including First Edition badging that appears on both the exterior and interior of the car, unique contrast stitching on the sumptuous diamond quilting, and the option of having your choice of ‘First Edition’ or the Bentley Wings embroidered onto the seats.

Additionally, a selection of the most desirable options can be found on this limited edition as standard. These include the powerful and immersive Naim for Bentley audio system; the Touring Specification, which brings together a range of technologies to enhance long range, high speed journeys; and the Front Seat Comfort Specification, which elevates the already impressively comfortable seating in the new Bentayga.

The Touring Specification adds a suite of intuitive and useful technologies to the new Bentayga Hybrid that give you added safety and control on city streets and the open road. Radar-guided cruise control and lane-keeping assist take the pressure off when driving on highways, while the self-driving in traffic jams function means heavy traffic doesn’t have to be a hassle to navigate. The Head-up Display, meanwhile, projects vital information, such as navigational instructions, onto the windscreen.

Step 1

We start by drawing the structure of the car, so the shape of the car is the most important.

Step 2

We draw the upper part, the part from where the car glass is.

Step 3

Now is the time to draw the wheels of the car. So in this case you only see 3 Bentley wheels.

Step 4

In this step we draw the part of the mask in front of the car, the fog lights.

Step 5

Bentley has 2 big lights and two smaller ones, now it is the part we have to draw.

Step 6
After we finished the lights and most of the front of the car.
We draw the middle part of the car.
Step 7 and last
In the last step we detail the tire discs, then with some shading in different parts of the car. And I think you have achieved the goal of learning how to draw the Bentley Bentayga Hybrid 2021.
If you did not understand well then here is the link where you can watch the video step by step for drawing.

Max Power
443 bhp / 449 PS / 330 kW (Combined System Power) || 335 bhp / 340 PS / 250 kW (V6 Engine) || 126 bhp / 128 PS / 94 kW (E-motor)
Max Torque
516 lb-ft / 700 Nm (Combined System Torque) || 332 lb-ft / 450 Nm V6 Engine) || 258 lb-ft / 350 Nm (E-motor)
Engine Capacity
2995 cc (V6 Engine) / 17.3 kWh (Lithium-ion battery)
Fuel Type
Petrol and Electric
0 - 60 mph 5.2 seconds, 0 - 100 km/h 5.5 seconds
Max Speed
158 mph / 254 km/h
Combined CO2 (NEDC)
78 g / km
Combined Fuel Economy (NEDC)
3.3 litres / 100km
CO2 Emissions
256 g/mile*
City Driving (US)
17 US mpg*
Highway Driving (US)
21 US mpg*

^EPA CO2 Emissions: 256 g/mile, EPA Combined co2 19 US mpg / 46 MPGe (gasoline equivalent)* 


Weights and Measures
Unladen Weight
5838 lb / 2648 kg (5 seat)
Gross Vehicle Weight
7165 lb / 3250 kg
Boot Volume
16.92 cu-ft / 479 litres (5 seat)
Fuel Tank Capacity
16.5 gallons / 19.8 US gallons / 75 litres
Overall Length
201.77 in / 5125 mm
Width Across Mirrors
87.48 in / 2222 mm
Width with Folded Mirrors
79.13 in /2010 mm
Overall Height
67.32 in / 1710 mm (Normal)
117.9 in / 2995 mm

^EPA CO2 Emissions: 256 g/mile, EPA Combined co2 19 US mpg / 46 MPGe (gasoline equivalent)* 

Vehicle Dynamics
2995 cc (V6 Engine) / 17.3 kWh (Lithium-ion battery)
Iron brakes with black painted brake callipers
Air suspension with Continuous Damping Control and 4 height settings
8 speed automatic transmission, permanent all-wheel drive
Exterior Features
Exterior Paint
Choice of 7 exterior paint colours
21" five twin-spoke wheel - painted
Radiator Grille
Bright chrome radiator matrix grille
Lower bumper grille
Bright chrome lower bumper grilles
Exterior Badges
Black 'B' badging on bonnet, tailgate and wheels
Derivative badges
Hybrid exterior badge positioned on the lower front door edge
Full LED, matrix, adaptive headlamps with High Beam Assist and welcome sequence*
Full LED Supplementary Lamps and Tail Lamps
Oval split tailpipe trims
Fuel & Oil Filler Caps
Standard fuel and oil filler caps
Body Coloured Lower Body Work
Polished brightware to side windows, lower doors and front and rear bumpers
Panoramic roof with tilt and slide front panel and fixed rear panel
Interior Features
Colour Split
Mono-tone colour split
Leather colours
Choice of 5 premium grade hide interior colours
Alcantara headlining
Crown Cut Walnut
Steering Wheel
Single Tone, 3 Spoke, Hide Trimmed Steering Wheel
Gear Shift Paddles
Steering Wheel Mounted Gear Shift Paddles
Gear Lever
Hide & chrome trimmed gear lever
Seat Configuration
5 seat configuration with straight flute design
Foot Pedals
Standard foot pedals
Treadplates embossed with 'HYBRID'
Infotainment System
Front screen infotainment system with 10.9" high resolution touch screen display
Digital or satellite radio
Audio System
Bentley Signature Audio
City Specification (Park Assist, Top View Camera, Pedestrian Warning, Rear Crossing Traffic Warning, City Safeguard)

^EPA CO2 Emissions: 256 g/mile, EPA Combined co2 19 US mpg / 46 MPGe (gasoline equivalent)*