How to draw Jeep Wrangler - Step by Step

Today in this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a car Jeep Wrangler.That drawing machines is one of the most popular cars on world more precisely in USAWe always follow your desires quite sensitively and try to draw new lessons in accordance with this.Drawing a car will be quite simple and easy to understand.

The first step

In order not to be mistaken when drawing a Jeep, the first thing you need to sketch the outlines of the corpus. For this type of car, rather rough and large outlines and a high window frame are characteristic. So, with the help of very light hand motions, map out the corpus, as shown in this picture:

Step two

We continue to work with rough outlines. In this step, we outline the contours of the front of our jeep and outline the front bumper. On the lateral side of the jeep, we outline the contours of the wheel arches. Do not try to create perfectly even contours, in the first steps it is very important to simply outline the location and approximate shape of the parts.

Step three

Now add those things without which you can not imagine a single car. These are wheels and headlights. As you can see, the wheels and headlights do not have a round shape. It is more like ovals that vary in shape and size. These are the features of the angle. Also in this step, we outline the contours of the side window and rearview mirrors.

Step four

So, we continue the drawing guide on how to draw a jeep. Let’s get back to the front of this perfect car. Here we can add many more details before we start drawing the final contours. In this step, we will draw the contours of the radiator grille and add some elements to the front bumper.

Step five

Now we can remove the excess guidelines from the previous steps from the front of our jeep. Let’s make the bends of the wheel arches smoother, draw the sidewalls of the headlights. The gaps in the radiator grill have a slight bend in the upper part, pay attention to this. Try to use the most straight and smooth lines.

Step six

We have an almost completely completed car body. These straight and smooth lines look very nice, don’t they? Let’s draw the exact same lines on the roof and lateral of our jeep. Windows do not have sharp corners, each corner is either rounded or significantly flattened. Rear-view mirrors also do not have sharp corners.

Step seven

So, we continue to detail our drawing so that it looks like a completed realistic jeep. In this step, we will divide the lateral part of the car into doors using vertical lines, draw horizontal door handles and draw a horizontal platform above the wheels.

Step eight

If we see transparent wheels on our jeep – then this is something strange, right? In fact, this means that we did not carry out the final work with our drawing. In this step, we erase all the extra lines that are located on the bottom of our car and on wheels. We also draw in the final version the contours of tires and wheel disks.

Step nine

Let’s now make the last touches, but to be precise, in this final step we will draw shadows. Firstly, we depict the shadows on the wheels and the inner surfaces of the arches. After that, we add glare to the windows and draw the remaining shadows in those places where it is shown in this picture.

I hope you understood how to draw a car Jeep Wrangler easily.Visit other categories for different types of vehicles