How to draw Maserati GranTurismo Sport 2013 Step by Step

Hello, dear people in particular car fanatics. As you already know today we will show you 
how to draw a Maserati GranTurismo Sport 2013. Maserati – is an Italian company, the manufacturer of exclusive cars of sport and business class. It was founded in 1914 in Bologna, Italy.The emblem of the company is a trident, an element of the Neptune fountain in Bologna.  So, let’s begin this lesson.

Step 1

So, we always start our drawing lessons from common lines We start drawing from the front of the car. Use the straight lines to sketch out the car body as in our example.

Step 2

With the help of curved lines sketch out the wheel arches and wheels. Do not forget that all the lines on the first steps should be the easiest.

Step 3

Let’s start adding details, and we’ll do it in front of the car. Draw the hood and headlights. Use clear and dark lines in this and next steps.We separate the part of the doors, and the part of the side windows of the car and car thresholds.

Step 4

Get down a little lower and outline a grille with a trident emblem in the center. A little lower draw the bumper with air intakes as in our example.We draw some details on the back, the driver's door lock. And a light separation up to the luggage compartment

Step 5

We will now focus on the rear of the car.

We draw the car lights, then the car sign. The bottom mask the upper part and the exhaust for smoke extraction.

Step 6

The rear window is now drawn, then the logo with the name Maserati on the back, and psen on the rear wheels.

Step 7

Now we start drawing the front wheel together with the wheel and disc.
Step 8

Now we continue the rear wheel the same as in the step above.
Step 9

We reach the last step, in this step we finish the drawing of the Maserati car, we detail the wheels, the parts of the mirror, the part from the back. Then with a pencil on the sheet we can create shadows in different parts, or we can color it after we draw it. I believe you have just learned to draw a Maserati car.