How to Draw Mercedes-Benz C-Class W206 2022 - Step by Step

We all know that one of the best cars in the world is Mercedes, knowing that Mercedes has many models today it is rare to learn to draw the newest model of C-Class W206 2022.Before I start with the car kit, we will share some information about this Mercedes model.The new model takes its design inspiration from the latest Mercedes-Benz crop, especially the new S-Class. It’s more rounded and smoother, with beady headlights and flush taillights. From a distance, it looks a bit like the current CLA-Class, although it is obviously more upright than the lower-profile four-door coupe.Like many new models coming out these days, the W206 C-Class is larger than the predecessor. Specifically, it (in sedan form) measures 4751mm in length, 1820mm in width, and stands 1438mm tall. That makes it 65mm longer and 10mm wider, while standing 9mm shorter than the outgoing model. The wheelbase also incorporates an extra 25mm, and the track widths are 19mm and 48mm wider, front and rear.

As a result of the increased dimensions, the W206 C-Class offers more passenger space. Mercedes says there is an additional 2mm of headroom in the front, an extra 21mm of legroom in the back, and more elbow and shoulder space in the front and back. Boot volume in the sedan remains unchanged at 455L, but the Estate gets an extra 30L, offering 460L or 1480L with the rear seats folded.

Speaking of the interior, passengers are treated to the second-generation MBUX user interface which debuted on the new S-Class. It includes twin LCD screens which can be configured in Discreet, Sporty, and Classic themes. The media screen measures 9.5 inches or there’s an optional 11.9-inch unit, while the instrument cluster screen can be had in 10.25-inch or 12.3-inch size.

Let’s start drawing step by step.

Step 1

We start the drawing from the first part with a simple line continuing from the space of the front wheels to the rear wheels.We continue the line from the back of the car down.
Step 2

The structure of the car continues from the trunk to the rear window and then the upper space of the car to where we started drawing.
Step 3

Now we start to divide the space of the side windows of the car, draw the side mirror, then the locks for opening the car and the details down on the door.
Step 4

In the fourth step, we divide the rear window of the car with delimiting lines, and we divide the trunk of the car with a simple line.
Step 5

We focus on the car lights in this step, we perceive the spaces and we draw the two rear lights, after we finish the lights we draw the license plate of the car.
Step 6

The details of the car in the lower part of the rear are much more important for the design and appearance of the car, now we draw the details of the post mask and smoke exhaust.
Step 7

The first wheel of the car together with the wheels must be drawn in this step.

Step 8

Now the rear wheel just like the first wheel in the above step.
The final step

Details that can be seen in the part under the car, the rear tire that can be seen only a part without a rim. and details throughout the drawing where we forgot. Once you have completed these nine steps you can use pencil to create shadows in different parts to make the car look as good and real as possible. I believe that this lesson has helped you a lot, every day of the year we are working to make as many drawings for you as possible.