How to Draw Nissan Pathfinder 2022 - Step by Step

The next and easy lesson is for Nissan Pathfinder 2022, we will draw it with five easy and simple steps.But first we will tell a little about this car.

All Style, All Substance

With its rugged design and “floating” roofline, the All-New Pathfinder announces itself. Then it shows its purpose with a 284-hp V6 engine, 9-speed automatic transmission, and Intelligent 4x4.

Intelligent 4x4 To Tackle Terrain

Step up with awesome capability. Intelligent 4x4 and a selector with seven modes is at your fingertips, letting you take on a variety of conditions, including snow, rain, gravel and more.

Seamless Smartphone Tech

The Pathfinder is an extension of your digital life, with advanced new digital displays, wireless Apple CarPlay® integration, Android Auto™ , and wireless charging.

The legend has returned. 

Get up close and personal with the ruggedly redesigned All-New Nissan Pathfinder. Explore style, interior technology, safety and more.

New Intelligent 4x4 with Mode Selector

Dial in your adventure simply by selecting one of seven available drive modes, including modes designed for a specific type of terrain — whether that’s snow, dirt or sand.

New 9-Speed Automatic Transmission

On a variety of roads, you can count on the new 9-speed automatic transmission to deliver quick response and enhanced control.

Best-in-class Towing 

With more power comes more gear in tow, and the All-New Pathfinder not only produces 259 lb-ft of torque, but has the ability to tow up to 6,000 pounds of just about whatever you have in mind. 

Six kids in back, two over-age kids up front

With three rows, the All-New Pathfinder offers vast space for seven or eight along with the convenience of EZ Slide second-row seats that make it easy to jump in back – even with a car seat attached. For personalized comfort and seating for seven, opt for the available second-row captain’s chairs. Or, you can select bench seating if you’ve got a full house. Either way, you’ll have room for everyone’s cargo, including under-floor storage, and plenty of comfort to go around with the Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System. 

Wherever you’re sitting, the available Panoramic Moonroof will bring your own piece of sky into the adventure.

With the push of a button, available ProPILOT Assist helps ease your commute with technology that can automatically adjust to the flow of traffic and help keep you centered in your lane. The newly available ProPILOT Assist with Navi-link uses mapping to know the road ahead — curves, interchanges, junctions — and can automatically slow you down for a smoother ride. The new system can even adjust your set speed based on traffic signs.

Standard Safety Shield® 360

Peace of mind ahead, and all around
Safety Shield 360 includes six standard features that monitor ahead, behind, and either side of your Pathfinder, and can step in to help keep you safe. 

Safety Shield 360 includes:
Rear Automatic Braking 
Rear Cross Traffic Alert 
Blind Spot Warning 
Lane Departure Warning 
High Beam Assist

Step 1

We start with the front mask of the Nissan Pathfinder 2022. The mask is four angles and it is easy to draw.

Step 2

Details of the mask in front of the car, and the car logo.

Step 3
We continue with the front tires only accentuated, the mask under the car, the fog dirt, the sensors and the ventilation part of the car.

Step 4
In this step, the car lights are in order, the two car lights are part of the car engine and at the end the car mirrors are two, that is, on the right and left side.

Step 5

The upper part of the car, through the glass, it is worth mentioning that there are two other special lights.Once we have completed these steps we now detail the drawing of the car in all parts.

If you did not understand you can watch the video here.

You can also print and color the Nissan Pathfinder 2022 for free.