BMW X5 xDrive45e

Reviewing a car can only go so far in the limited time we have available with it most of the time. Sure, you’d think a week with a certain model should tell you enough about it to form an educated opinion but the thing is, there’s always something you might miss. That may be even more accurate of a statement when it comes to plug-in hybrid cars, like the BMW X5 xDrive45e, due to its complex powertrain.

During my time with the car I was simply blown away by its refinement and handling, combined with a more than decent electric range but is that behavior actually doable on the long run? That’s where owners and long-term reviews come in handy. That’s what Harry Metcalfe put together in one of his most recent videos, as he got a long term BMW X5 xDrive45e model. So, what are his thoughts on the car after 10,000 miles?

Well, quite interesting, to be honest. One of the first gripes he mentions are the side sills, which are too wide and since the doors don’t go over them, they ruin your trousers all the time. Then there’s the key fob, the Display Key to be more precise. It’s his least favorite key, as it’s too big and doesn’t have a key hole to carry it around easier. On the other side of things, the iDrive system is ‘the best’ according to Harry. Once you get used to it.

But most of those apply to a BMW X5 no matter what what kind of engine you have under the hood. But what about the specifics of a plug-in hybrid X5? Well, things went better than expected, especially in the mpg department. According to Harry, he averaged 63.7 mpg with the X5 last month, doing 495 miles in total, 278 of which were electric. And there’s so much more to learn from this video too. Just check it out.