How to draw BMW X5 (E53) Step by Step

Today We want to show you how to draw one of the most legendary cars of all time. This car is popular among all segments of the population, both among schoolchildren and adults, accomplished people.So, meet a lesson on how to draw a BMW X5 E53.It is one of the most favorite SUVs.

The first step

In the first step for drawing the BMW X5 E53 we start from the details of the bmw so the front frame is what distinguishes the bmw style and the car logo.

Step two

In this step we continue with the drawing of the front part which is of great importance are the front lights.

Step three

After finishing the lights we continue with the drawing of the front mask of the car, which includes the fog lights, the car plate, and all the details of the mask.

Step four

First draw the circle for the front wheel. Then we detail the wheel rims, and all the details of the car tires.

Step five

Now it is time to draw the upper part of the car, the part on the windshield, the water on the windshield and a part on the car.

Step Six

Draw the back tire along with the rims and the underside of the car.

The seventh step is the last

We get to the end, now we divide the spaces where the car doors are, where the windows are, where the mirror is, then the details in the front part on the engine, the door locks and other details throughout the car. After we have completed all this procedure in pencil, I can create shadows in different parts if we want the car to look as realistic as possible, or you can even print and color it according to your wishes. Thank you as the staff of amgrsm.com we wish you all the best and we are working for you every day of the week. Thank you.