How to draw Excavator - Step by Step

Continuing the lessons for you dear friends, today we decided to make for you a drawing tutorial, how to draw an Excavator.Excavator is part of motor vehicles, which performs many functions in real life.

You just follow my step and you will learn as this is an easy and simple lesson that I believe you will succeed.


The first step

We perceive the drawing space, we start with the two circles in which the chain moves.

Step two
Above the wheel rings we now draw the chain bar

Step three

We continue the drawing with the other bar, as the excavator contains two lanes for movement.

Step four
We start on the left to draw the driver's cab, part of the engine, part of the door along with the glass, and part of the smoke fume.

Step five
We now draw the part of the driver's cab from the other part, to the part where the catch spoon starts.

Step Six
The spoon or the last and most important part of the bag, we have to draw it slowly and in detail because we also have the electrical and pressure cables.
Step seven
The other part of the spoon for catching or opening the tunnels
Step eight
In this step we end with the drawing of the excavator spoon.

Step nine
This is the last step and the end of the excavator drawing, we detail the wheels, the chains, the cabin part and the glass. And at the end with a pencil we can create shadows in different parts to make the drawing look as beautiful as possible. I hope you have learned how to draw this excavator.