How to Draw BMW 128ti 2021 Step by Step

Hello friends, today we will learn how to draw the BMW 128ti 2021, step by step and very easily, we will draw the car today in side view, in which the two wheels and the two doors can be seen. We will make the drawing very easy, you just have to follow the steps.

It’s a good starting block for the 128ti, given it shares the same turbocharged 2.0-litre engine as the M135i, though it’s slightly down on power – dropping from 302bhp to 261bhp. However, by switching to front-wheel-drive, it’s also shaved 80kg off the weight. Unlike rivals, though, there is no manual transmission to go with -  all 128ti models will feature an eight-speed automatic transmission.
Despite being down on power, it’s certainly not lacking in pace, with 0-60mph taking just 5.9 seconds, while also being capable of a 155mph top speed. Yet, it’s more efficient than you might expect, with BMW claiming it will return around 40mpg, with CO2 emissions ranging between 157 and 170g/km.  

The first step
We start with a simple line from the front of the BMW, to the part of the wheels we leave space to empty, we continue the line from the back of the luggage, when we reach the rear window there we detail and then we cross the line on the car.
Step two
In the second step we continue where we left off in the first step, we detail the glass and the front crosses the line to the top of the Bmw, there we detail the front mask a bit, and at the end of this step we separate the doors and windows.
Step three
The front doors, the mask below make the line thinner, the glass parting, the drawing of the side mirror.
Step four
Now we draw the first wheel together with the fleece, we detail the part of the two doors with some lines, and we also draw the car locks for opening and closing.
Step five
In this step we draw the rear wheel together with the wheel as above.

Step Six
I get to the last step, in this step I draw the rear light of Bmw, and since in the beginning I made the line thicker, now I delete it and make it thinner, also with a thinner line I make details in the whole car.
After you have followed these steps, I believe that you have managed to learn to draw it with a pencil, with a pencil in your mouth you can make shadows that look as beautiful as possible.