How to Draw BMW 6 Series (E24) Step by Step

If you are a fan of BMW, and more precisely fans of the bmw 6 series of unique and very expensive cars and want to learn how to draw it easily you are in the right place. AMGRSM will teach you how to easily and simply draw it, just follow the steps and I am very sure you will succeed. Just before I start learning, I will share some information about this model of BMW 6 E24.

The BMW E24 is the first generation of BMW 6 Series range of grand tourer cars, which was produced from January 1976 to 1989 and replaced the BMW E9 coupé. The E24 was produced solely in a 2-door coupé body style.The M635CSi is the first of the BMW M6 model line and is powered by the M88/3 straight-six engine.

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Let's start with the lesson

The first step

We start with a line from the rear of the car and continue it without interruption from the rear wheel of the car.

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Step two
Where I remain in the first step, I just come and continue from the part through the car engine, from the windshield to the rear and so the line joins its start, so this is the bmw structure that I drew in these two steps which I believe you have managed to do as well.
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Step three
With the help of a quadrangle we draw the space of the windshield of the BMW E24 which is quite simple as seen above
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Step four
In this step we draw the front part, we start from the mask below, then the fog lights, then the main bumper together with the part for the car plate. The main lights in this model are four and the mask for ventilation between the four lights, the bmw shutters that symbolize it and the log e bmw as well. And at the end of this step with a few simple lines we detail the hood, and the small right-hand signal near the tire.
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Step five
First we make a line under the doors, now we continue to do the line separation of the two car doors, when we finish with the restriction we simply start with the separation of the windows, the details under the doors, the locks for opening and closing and the side mirrors.
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The sixth and final step
In the last step we make the mask of the car that is made quite simply, and then we are left with only the tires with wheels to rotate, we start with the rear tire with two large rings doing the simple design of bbs wheels, the same process we repeat it on the first tire, and so we reached the end, on the glass we can make some lines to look more beautiful, we can even shade or color it, I hope you have learned to do this drawing, if you have not reached 100 % ather you can print it on paper and exercise your hand or even color it for free from us.