How to Draw Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022 Step by Step

Today we will teach you how to draw another car Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022.First we will inform you a little about this car model, as it is a new model.The 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV may look like a larger, slightly longer Chevrolet Bolt, but under that boxy exterior lies a whole lot of tech that’s both affordable and very advanced. With the launch of the Chevy Bolt EUV, and its available suite of advanced driver assistance systems, GM is putting both advanced driver assistance technology and electric drivetrains within reach of the masses.

As part of GMs much-touted goal to introduce 30 new electric vehicles in the next four years, the company recently launched an updated Bolt, as well as the all-new Bolt EUV, or Electric Utility Vehicle. I had two separate opportunities to test prototypes of the Bolt EUV with GM’s advanced Super Cruise system.

While the Bolt and Bolt EUV share similar DNA, they are two different vehicles. The EUV is the longer and larger of the two, with more bells and whistles, like Super Cruise: An advanced driver assistance system that allows for hands-free driving on certain highways, available as a $2,200 option. Super Cruise is not available on the 2022 Bolt.

We will realize the drawing in 7 steps as easily as possible for you.

The first step

We start with a light line from the front of the car, continuing from the front wheel to the rear wheel. We continue the line up to half of the luggage in this step.

Step two

We continue the line from the trunk, from the rear window, the part above the car to where we started the drawing, then we do the separation of the front glass and the drawing of the irons for carrying on the car.

Step three

Now we split the mask on the front of the car, draw the Chevrolet logo, Headlights and some detail lines on the bonnet.

Step four

In this step we detail the lower part of the mask from the front part of the car, where there are also fog lights and different details of the mask as in the drawing that make the car look as beautiful as possible. After we have finished this part, we move on to the side part where we make the details, we also draw the part for filling the car with electricity.

Step five

In this step we separate the doors, in this drawing the two side doors are clearly visible, ie the driver's and passenger's door. In addition to dividing the doors with a line, we also do the division of windows, drawing mirrors and locks for opening with other details.

Step Six

Now with a large circle we make the wheel and then the front wheel, then we detail the gmoe and the wheel in detail.

Step seven

Reaching the last step, in this step we draw the wheel together with the wheels behind the procedure continues the same as in the sixth step.

When we are done with the wheels and the wheels, we go to the front part of the car where we detail the mask with details. And all the details as in the picture above. With these simple sketched and outlined steps I believe you have simply learned how to draw a Chevrolet Bolt EUV 2022. And one important thing when drawing it on pencil or chemical paper you can create shadows in different parts that the drawing looks as perfect as possible.